One of the most important components of increasing wealth for an early-career health professional is strategic navigation of today's loan marketplace. DWOQ was founded to serve solely as an advocate to graduate health professionals who are underserved by the current servicing, lending, and advisory marketplace. 


Since our inception in early 2015, DWOQ has accumulated over $300 million in federal student loan debt under management. In addition, because of our unique focus on the importance of determining suitability prior to refinancing federal loans to a private lender, over $100 million of the $150 million we have introduced to the private marketplace has successfully closed.


Doctors Without Quarters can help you navigate the evolving federal options available to you, as well as determine if refinancing is suitable and direct you towards a competitive lender, serving as your advocate to produce optimal results. We don't look at student debt in a vacuum, rather we provide recommendations in the context of your liquidity needs, financial profile and goals.