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Jason Schuhmacher is a Client Advisor at DWOQ.  After graduation from the University of Missouri-Columbia he worked with Larson Financial Group for 4 ½ years.  At Larson, Jason played an integral role in serving physician clients by helping them establish long-term wealth accumulation and protection programs. In January 2018, he transitioned to DWOQ to serve early-career health graduates as a much-needed advocate.  Jason resides in Columbia, MO with his wife Emily where he is either hiking one of the many trails around Columbia or working with his church to better the local community.

Jason Schuhmacher (aka "Shoe")

Client Advisor

Med School Debt
Med School Debt

Ina is a client advisor at DWOQ. She is a native of Greece and can speak fluently three languages. Her past experience in the health industry includes working for three years with Mercy hospital and daily interacting with nurses and doctors. She decided to take her passion for helping other to the next level and joined our team in April. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail are some of the skills that made her a perfect fit for the DWOQ team! Ina resides in St. Louis and on her free time she likes to go on road trips and explore different cities. She also loves to cook, spend time with her family, read and dog-sit.

Greg Rupp is a Client Advisor at DWOQ. After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, he founded an independent college planning firm in the St. Louis area. For the last 23 years, he has helped thousands of families with ACT/SAT Prep, college admissions, financial aid forms, scholarships, student loans, and establishing a financial plan to pay for college. In October 2015, Greg made the seamless transition to the DWOQ team. Greg resides in Dardenne Prairie, MO with his wife and 3 children. In his down time, you might find him on the golf course, hanging out with his family watching Cardinal Baseball, or slow-smoking BBQ on his smoker.

Jamie Callighan transitioned to DWOQ after working with Larson Financial as a financial advisor.  After spending several years in the finance sector, she found her passion working with young adults, specifically med students and residents, by assisting these them with early financial planning.  Managing student loan debt is one of the largest hurdles physicians going into practice face, and Jamie wants to see everyone get their start on the right foot to secure a successful financial future.           Jamie, her husband and 3 boys love the mountains, football and spending time in the kitchen.

Greg Rupp

Client Advisor

Med School Debt
Paying Off Medical School Debt

Brian Randall is a Client Advisor and DWOQ's resident refinancing expert. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Personal Financial Management, he spent 2 1/2 years with UMB Bank, followed by 2 1/2 years with Larson Financial where he worked exclusively with medical graduates before making a seamless transition to the DWOQ team in April 2015. Brian resides in St. Louis, MO and in his down time you might find him on a golf course, softball field or volleyball court.

Brian Randall 

Client Advisor

Paying Off Medical School Debt
Medical School Debt

Brandon Barfield


Brandon Barfield is a co-founder of DWOQ, and serves as our East Coast and Midwest Director of Education. He's presented at over 100 universities and hospitals on the topic of managing student debt.  As a result of his success in developing partnerships with schools and hospitals in and around the Southeast, Brandon is regularly requested to lecture at some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals and universities.

Previously, Brandon was a Financial Aid Supervisor at Kaplan University, a Financial Planner for The Henssler Financial Group, and served as an Enlisted Officer in the US Army.  Brandon earned a BBA in Finance from Kennesaw State University, as well as an MBA from Kaplan University. With his diverse background in financial aid, financial planning and student loan advisory, Brandon has a broad understanding of the intricacies surrounding student loans, loan repayment strategies, and how they should be considered when graduates make other financial decisions. On the weekends, Brandon can usually be found spending time with his family, attending church, or enjoying the Georgia outdoors.

- Jason DiLorenzo

Today’s graduate health professionals are facing unprecedented debt levels and stagnant incomes in many specialties. There are over 20,000 medical school graduates this year in the United States, and most of these newly-minted doctors will begin their residencies with over $200,000 in federal student loan debt at an average interest rate of over 6%. A medical residency can last from three to eight years with an average salary of $55,000. 

Jason DiLorenzo is the Founder of Doctors Without Quarters, a national student loan advocacy organization. Since 2010, he has served as an expert lecturer and panelist for schools, hospitals and partners on the increasingly complex and evolving topic of student loan debt best practices and federal loan legislation.

Jason graduated with a BBA in Finance from Stetson University, and serves on the Board of his local Boys & Girls Club. When he’s not advocating young health professionals, Jason loves to be outdoors, and his ping-pong game is on point. Challenge him to a game when he visits your institution, if you dare...

Jason DiLorenzo

President & Founder


We are tireless students of the student loan marketplace… so that you don’t have to be.

One of the most important components to increasing wealth for an early-career physician is a strategic navigation of available student loan repayment and forgiveness programs. These programs have evolved in recent years, and recent indications from the Trump administration suggest that changes could be imminent. Due to the complexity of these programs, the busy schedules of medical trainees, and the conflicts that exist among lenders and servicers, there is a glaring need for an advocate to early-career graduate health professionals. DWOQ exists to fill this void.

In addition to the opportunity for savings available through federal programs, therefinancing marketplace has recently become crowded and competitive for many graduate health professionals. There exists the need for an advocate in this area as well, to help borrowers understand both the risks and benefits of refinancing. Through a detailed suitability analysis and underwriting, DWOQ can help you identify if refinancing is right for you and, if so, direct you towards a partner to obtain the most competitive result.

This year, DWOQ will partner with medical schools, teaching hospitals and national associations to provide education and support to over 10,000 students and graduates. We are tireless students of the student loan marketplace so that you don’t have to be.


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