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At DWOQ, we assist our clients in numerous ways beyond helping them get their debt under control. As a recent graduate or Housestaff member, you're well aware that spare time is in short supply. As you advance in your career or transition into practice and face decisions such as budgeting on a limited salary, preparing for a home purchase and when to purchase disability insurance, having access to an experienced professional can help you stay on track towards achieving these goals.

We strongly encourage student loan borrowers to review their debt portfolio on an annual basis. As your life and federal legislation evolve, you want to be certain your debt repayment strategy is being maximized. That's why DWOQ offers a premium annual service. The fee for the initial planning session is $349 and just $60/quarter ongoing, and $499 / $90 for married couples who are both borrowers. Your DWOQ representative will not only provide you with a necessary annual review of your student loan debt management strategy, but provide you with support for accomplishing your personal milestones and be available for you as a resource when those needs arise.

Here's what you can expect from your investment:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your debt and financial profile
  • Develop and annually maintain your student loan repayment strategy
  • Unlimited, annual access to your dedicated DWOQ Advisor!
  • Explore tax filing implications of Income-Driven repayment options
  • ​Assistance with filing annual paperwork and dealing with loan servicers
  • ​Confirm qualified payments towards loan forgiveness, where applicable
  • ​Discuss alternative strategies that may have become relevant based on legislative or other changes
  • Securing a program to protect your current and future income
  • ​At Transition to Practice, a review of your employment opportunities and in-depth analysis of loan repayment options which can be used as a contract negotiation tool
  • ​​Additional service including, but not limited to, budgeting, home purchase, asset protection, reviewing credit fundamentals, and other items unique to physicians in training

Regardless of what stage you are at in your training, you'll need guidance from a professional to help you prosper financially.  We look forward to serving as that guide.



Doctors Without Quarters and their representatives do not provide legal or tax advice services. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your legal or tax planning needs.

THE DWOQ Annual Service Offering