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DWOQ Services:

$349 for Individuals -- $499 for Couples (both borrowers)

Service Offering: Comprehensive Loan Consultations

​​​​​​​​​​A comprehensive loan consultation with an experienced DWOQ Loan Advisor will last roughly an hour. Each session will include a detailed discussion, as appropriate, on the following areas of focus:

  • Complete review of federal and private loan portfolios and recommended action plan
  • Loan consolidation and repayment plan selection and/or renewal
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness maximization, where applicable
  • Discussion of relevant tax, legislative and credit considerations
  • Refinancing suitability analysis
  • Loan servicer correspondence support (except past PSLF-qualfying payments with other servicers)
  • ​Married Filing Separately versus Jointly analysis, if applicable
  • Detailed summary of payment and savings projections and an action plan are provided following each consultation
  • Annual support is available at $60/quarterly for individuals, and $90/quarterly for couples borrowers

Following each consultation, a detailed summary and action plan is provided to each client. Often, we are able to facilitate the repayment/enrollment renewal process DURING the session, and we strongly recommend that consultations be hosted annually given recent and proposed legislative changes that may require strategy adjustments. Click here to view our Annual Service offering.