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In recent years, the federal student loan refinancing marketplace has become crowded and competitive, and in many cases lower rates may be available to physicians who are able to enter repayment immediately. Interns, residents and fellows who need reduced payments and are working in non-profit teaching hospitals should generally utilize federal repayment programs until they approach their transition to practice (please visit our Consultations page to learn more).

Doctors Without Quarters (DWOQ) works with early-career physicians to help determine if refinancing is suitable, and serves as an advocate for clients in the private lending marketplace.

If you're wondering if refinancing your student loans is the right move for you, DWOQ will conduct a suitability analysis at no cost.

Your suitability analysis will contemplate the following:

  • Comprehensive review of your federal and private loan portfolio
  • Repayment options overview, including income-driven options and federal loan subsidy and forgiveness opportunities
  • ​Tax, legislative and credit considerations overview

If DWOQ determines that refinancing is suitable, we will introduce you to a lender, you'll be entitled to at least an additional $200 bonus, and we'll work with you throughout the process to ensure that you receive the most competitive offers available in the marketplace. Analysis, support, advice, the leverage of a national advisory AND a cash bonus... it's a no-brainer.

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Doctors Without Quarters and their representatives do not provide legal or tax advice services. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your legal or tax planning needs.Through our relationships with the lending marketplace, we may receive compensation.

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