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Schools & Teaching Hospitals

DWOQ offers a variety of educational presentations and services to graduate schools, teaching hospitals, hospital systems and various professional organizations. When it comes to managing student debt and navigating the repayment process, our experience is second to none. Our seminars go beyond the basics of the repayment plans, focusing on educating borrowers on legislative proposals, common mistakes, servicer issues, practical do’s and don’ts, and strategies designed to maximize savings.  We don't look at student loans in a vacuum, rather we provide advice and analysis based on each individual's professional and financial profile. Our loan repayment workshops can fulfill your school’s exit counseling requirement, or provide an excellent complement to your financial literacy programming.

For hospitals, our loan repayment seminars and individual consultations focus on two key topics: initial strategies for incoming and continuing Housestaff, and training exit strategies for graduating Housestaff. DWOQ sessions are specifically designed to enhance your hospital’s resident orientation, transition to practice or business of medicine programs. Our services can be offered as a benefit to Housestaff, recruits and attendings, and our unique expertise can assist your doctors in dramatically reducing the cost of their debt. In turn, our consultations will help you attract and retain talent by maximizing federal and private savings opportunities through programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), or private refinancing.

Our current pricing structure for institutions is as follows:

  • Prescriptive, program-specific DWOQ consultations are available at a discount when offered by your school or hospital. See our SERVICES tab for more information.
  • Live 60-minute webinar (up to 100 attendees): $295
  • In-person presentation (including office hours where applicable): $1000 to $2500/day + travel expenses

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