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Doctors Without Quarters is dedicated to advocating for medical graduates and early-career physicians and graduate health professionals as they weigh their options regarding student loan repayment and forgiveness programs. Our primary focus is to educate and support medical professionals by helping them tackle their debt in the context of their liquidity needs and financial goals. Following are the current services we offer; click on each link for more information and to register:

  • Annual Service and Consultations: A comprehensive review of existing loan portfolio, an analysis of existing and future liquidity needs, and the development and execution of an action plan designed to maximize savings, annual access to a dedicated DWOQ advisor.

  • Loan Refinancing Analysis: An analysis of your Federal and/or private loan portfolio to determine if refinancing is suitable. If so, we introduce a lender, serve as your advocate during the underwriting process, and assist in the selection of a payment/term. There is no cost for this service, and borrowers receive both a bonus from the lender and the benefit of DWOQ marketplace knowledge and leverage.

  • Educational Seminars: Prescriptive school, hospital and organization-specific education for students and graduates. Available live or via webinar. Content includes student loan and financial best practices, marketplace and legislative updates, and case studies for specific borrower demographics. We are also available for "office hours" around or in lieu of group presentations.

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